Monday, March 4, 2013

Ummm, oh yeah! I have a blog!

Image Source: Pink Peppermint Paper
So I've kind of let the blog slide for a while now. But I have my reasons! My life has pretty much turned upside down, but in a good way.

Our family is in the middle of a BIG move to Wisconsin. We're very excited about the move, but it is requiring a ton of work to make it happen. I'm doing several renovations and updates in our house getting it ready for sale. (If you know anyone who wants to buy a house in Omaha, send 'em my way!) Needless to say, experimenting in the kitchen (and blogging, by association) just hasn't been happening. I'm basically relying on our family's old favorites, which are already on here. 

However, I'm not leaving you out to dry. I do still occasionally pin MSPI-friendly recipes from around the web over on my Pinterest page. I always make sure to include MSPI-friendly alterations and tips in the pin, so just check there if you have any questions about a recipe. For those of you who aren't on Pinterest, you can view my Pinterest page via my Facebook page. Just click on the Pinterest icon under my banner. (And for those of you who aren't on either, sorry!)

I do plan on returning to blogging and posting recipes, but I honestly don't know when that will be. So let's just say I'm on sabbatical for the time being. And when I do return to posting recipes, I'm sure they will have a delicious Wisconsin spin ... without the cheese, of course!