Thursday, May 17, 2012

And the lucky sorbetto winner is ...

I have so enjoyed reading all of your comments over on my giveaway. If I could make all of you winners, I would! However, only one can win, and that winner is "Kate & Jeremy"!

Kate's been nursing her 8-month-old, who can't have milk, soy, wheat or peanuts. She definitely deserves a special treat! Yay!

Photo courtesy of eCreamery

Now, for the rest of you. The next time you need a gift for someone special in your life, consider eCreamery. Wouldn't this make an awesome Father's Day gift? ... Just make sure you get your fair share of the sorbetto ... 75 percent sounds fair to me!

Thanks again to eCreamery for sponsoring this giveaway!

Fine Print: The winner was randomly selected from all the entries using the random number generator at

1 comment:

Danielle Petrucci said...

Congrats!!!!!!! You deserve it! I know how hard that diet is while nursing!!!!! Enjoy!!!