Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two-year and new baby updates

Well, my baby boy isn't a baby anymore. He is most definitely a BIG boy with a BIG personality!

JD turned 2 about three weeks ago. I held off on posting his 2-year-update because he's been undergoing a dairy challenge. So far, so good! He's been eating yogurt and foods that have dairy in them for over two weeks now, and no problems!

I'm taking things very slowly because his body is obviously not used to processing these foods, and I don't want to push his innards too hard. I'll probably start giving him some cheese next. For now, he's still drinking rice milk, but I hope to start mixing in some cow's milk in the next month or two. (I wasn't kidding when I said I was taking it slow!)

The ironic thing is that JD will probably be completely OK with dairy right around the time I have to go back on the MSPI diet with the new baby. Will my home EVER get back to "normal"? Yes, in about three years ... ;)

The kids' pediatrician has recommended I start the MSPI diet the last month of the pregnancy. (Which means Easter is going to be my swan song!) That way my breast milk will be clear for the baby right from the get-go. She also recommended I start taking a probiotic, like Culturelle. Hopefully, these steps will make our baby's first few weeks much happier -- and a saner mama in the process.

I've got some new recipes to post. Check back over the next few days to see what I've been cooking and baking!


Myers' Academy said...

I really enjoy your site. Thanks so much for starting it. It really is a great resource and encouragement to those of us that are 'in the trenches' with mspi! :)

Just wanted to mention to you to make sure you get the Culturelle that is non-dairy. I had no idea there was a dairy component in them until I was at Whole Foods and saw a non-dairy Culturelle! Stinks to go to all of the work required in an mspi diet only to find dairy in an unsuspecting place! :)

Mary said...

Whole Foods has a bunch of different kinds. When I was only off of milk and soy, I was able to get a good inexpensive one there.

Kim M. said...

Hi! Congratulations on the introduction of dairy! Yay! I just wanted to let you know that when I was pregnant with my second (she's 10 mo. old today), my ped. said to do the diet for the entire 3rd trimester. 1) so breast milk is clear, and 2) so baby doesn't suffer intestinal issues in utero (my first had blood in her stools at birth from exposure to dairy before she was born). I'm off the diet now (BM ran out when she was 6 mo. old and I couldn't get my supply back up). She recetly started on soy formula as opposed to Nutramigen. She has a few eczema spots, but other than that is doing fine. My 4 year old (diagnosed with MSPI at 3 days old) gets a runny nose and eczema spots if exposed to too much dairy at once, but does fine with moderate amounts daily.

Good luck with the new baby! Oh, and I have a few non-dairy/soy recipes that I developed over the past years of doing the diet. I love them b/c they really are like the "real" thing: Tater Tot Casserole and Chicken Pot Pie. :) If you have an email address, I can email them to you :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the advice, ladies!

Denise said...

YAY for introducing dairy back in! Our oldest was okay a little over a year! :)

I also think that doing the diet the last few months of pregnancy is a good thing - our newest (10 weeks old tomorrow) has MSPI too! Your website has been a lifesaver for me!

CONGRATS and A HUGE THANK YOU for this site!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Denise! I hope things are going well with the new baby!

Erin B said...

Hey MSPI momma, just a question for you...I too am expecting any day now...and my daughters ped suggested culturelle (which I have given my daughter-who can now tolerate all dairy, several times in the past when she had stomach issues) however it clearly states on the package that it contains milk proteins...what is your thought on this...seemed counter intuitive to me?!

Andrea said...

Erin: Yes, regular Culturelle is cultured on dairy, however Culturelle for Kids is dairy-free. Most doctors recommend Culturelle because it is the most widely known probiotic on the market and can be purchased in most drug stores. However, there are tons more available, if you're willing to look. Check out a natural foods store or look online. I've been giving JD Solaray Babylife, which I purchased online, and it's made a huge difference for him. Good luck!