Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fried Rice with Ham

When I was a kid, whenever we had leftover rice, my mom would make "eggy rice" for me. Basically, it's scrambled eggs with rice. I loved it and still do to this day, so this recipe from Everyday Food definitely appeals to me.

The rice wine vinegar seemed like a strange addition to me, but it really adds a lovely sweet tang to the dish. If you don't have the vinegar on hand, the rice is still good without it.

Leave the ham out for a great vegetarian option.

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Cynthia Brundage. said...

This isn't vegetarian either

Andrea said...

Cecil, again, read the chatter. Just leave the ham out.

Scherbarths said...

I made this tonight for my family and we loved it! I used brown rice instead and it tasted great! Will definitely make again.

Unknown said...

Isn't vegetable oil a no go?

Andrea said...

Depends on your level of tolerance. My kids were fine with it. Substitute a different oil if it's an issue for you.