Monday, December 8, 2008

Zesty Turkey & Rice

Our leftover turkey from Thanksgiving disappeared pretty quickly in our house. One way I used it up was with this recipe from Swanson Broth. (As always, make sure the broth you use is MSPI-friendly!)

No turkey on hand? Just use chicken!


Anonymous said...

My doctor requested that I make a handout to hand out at their office about MSPI. (My husband is also a family doctor who works at the same office, but doesn't have as many young moms in his practice.) So, keep up the good work, because I'm including your site in my list of helpful sites. I'm really excited about spreading the news about MSPI and hopefully helping more moms be able to breastfeed successfully. And, it's been great being able to actually teach my husband about a medical issue for a change. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, another thing. I discovered that I can "pump and dump" if I accidentally eat something. I had grabbed some Little Smokies with cheese in them and didn't realize until I was eating them. Boy did that cheese ever taste good! The exciting thing was I only pumped twice and my little guy was fine. Alimentum is awfully stinky stuff, but it's better than a grouchy baby! But I may allow myself a special treat once a month or so and just pump off a couple of feedings.

Andrea said...

You're right, Elaine, it does feel good being able to help others through this crazy thing we call MSPI! I'm so glad you're going to be able to help others, too!

Yes, "pump and dump" is definitely an option for moms when they need a sanity break. Unfortunately, there's no tried and true formula on how long a mom needs to pump before her milk is safe again. Some (like you) only need to pump a few times. Others have to wait several days. It just depends on your body and how sensitive your baby may be.

For me, I'm so susceptible to mastitis, that I avoid pumping and reserve it only for when I'm away from the baby. So taking a "dairy holiday" hasn't been an option for me. Bummer!