Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pecan Lemon Bars

Did you know that Pillsbury's refrigerated sugar cookie dough is MSPI-friendly? What a great shortcut! Make sure you buy Pillsbury, because the store brands I've looked at are NOT safe.

Here's a great dessert recipe from Taste of Home to use that MSPI-friendly sugar cookie dough. It's a nice twist on traditional lemon bars. The only substitution you have to make is using dairy-free margarine instead of butter.

The bars are super rich and sweet. Don't skimp on the lemon peel; that's where you get the best lemon flavor!


Mollybeacom said...

Hi Andrea- i live in Omaha as well, so I was thrilled to see find your blog. My niece has MSPI, so needless to say my sister is needing to change her diet. I am trying to make a few things for her and would love some tips. The peanut butter bars you said they need to be MSPI friendly you have brand names I could look for in the store? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Andrea said...

Hi Molly. So nice of you to help your sister out! When making the peanut butter bars, there are several brands of peanut butter that are safe. You just need to doublecheck the ingredients for any soy protein. For chocolate chips, I use the vegan chocolate chips from Whole Foods, but Ghiradelli Semi-Sweet are OK. You can find them at Wal-Mart. Most honey graham crackers are OK. Just doublecheck for dairy. And for margarine, I use Fleischmann's Unsalted in recipes. I've purchased it at Super Saver, Baker's and Bag 'N' Save. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming JD is still MSPI? I really have hopes of my son outgrowing this, but I'm beginning to realize that I likely have at least another eight months of this (he's four months old now).

Andrea said...

Yes, JD's still MSPI at 10 months old. He's seems to be tolerating soy -- I've been slipping some in here and there. I also think dairy is getting better.

We just got back from a trip out of town and ate out quite a bit. I avoided all obvious sources of dairy but didn't worry about hidden dairy, and JD didn't have any trouble! Yay! I'm thinking of eating some goat cheese and seeing if he can tolerate that. I figure it's milder than cow's milk cheese and will help me gauge where he's at. If that goes well, I'll try full-blown cow's milk!

No matter how it turns out, I committed to a year of this and I'm nearly there. Time flies! You can do it, too. Your baby's health is so worth it! Hopefully he'll be able to handle soy lecithin soon. That will open up so many more possibilities for you!

Jamie said...

Just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago and we think he may have mspi, I was doing a google search on it and discovered your blog. I can't wait to try out some of your recipes and network with other mothers struggling with a fussy baby and trying to do what's best for them. Bummer on the timing of the new non-dairy diet right before Thanksgiving, but perhaps I can find some recipes that should help!!

Andrea said...

Welcome to the club, Jamie. Granted, it's not the kind of club you really want to be a member of, but there are worst things than going without milk and soy!

It is tough timing for you. I've been doing this crazy thing for 10 months, so I'm used to it and not too worried about the holidays.

If I can get my act together, I'm hoping to post some Thanksgiving recipes later today -- better late than never! Hope they help you!

Jamie said...

I'm realizing I can eliminate cows milk a whole lot easier than soy, is it possible to consume small amounts without causing colic in baby or do you have to be vigilant about ridding even traces of soy & milk? I am doing the 2 week cleanse to see if it helps, we havent had our son tested. Also what kind of calcium supplement do you take? My viactiv has milk
& soy I believe.

Andrea said...

For JD, even trace amounts bothered him -- especially the first few months when his gut was still irritated. Now that he's older, I have a little more wiggle room. Unless your little guy is especially sensitive, you should be able to eat soy lecithin and soy oil. These are fats, not proteins.

I use Origin's Calcium 600 + D. I buy it at Target.