Monday, November 24, 2008

Moist & Savory Stuffing

Did you know that several of Pepperidge Farm's stuffing mixes are MSPI-friendly? A great shortcut for your busy Thanksgiving Day!

Here's their traditional stuffing recipe. You can play around with the recipe to make it special: add sausage, apples, pecans, carrots, wild rice, etc. Just be sure you use a safe veggie, chicken or turkey broth.


Unknown said...

Some great recipes/ideas here. Keep up the good work! :)

Ellen said...

hello - my DS is MSPI, so this is a great blog for me. Thank you! Also, i have a question. My DS is 8.5 months and now totally on Nutramigen. did you give your babies hypoallergenic formula and if so, where did you find the best deals?

Andrea said...

Thanks, Vegemommy!

Ellen: I haven't had to use formula, but I hear Ebay is a good place to save money on it. You can buy it in bulk for half the price.