Friday, August 15, 2008

Pizza Soup

Another great slow cooker recipe from A Year of CrockPotting. It has all the flavors of pizza. Just skip the sprinkle of cheese, and you're MSPI-safe and fancy-free!


Anonymous said...

I printed this from the crockpot blog the other day and had it cooking while we were at MOPS today. I didn't have any sausage so I left that out. I also added zucchini. It was really, really good. I made Bisquick breadsticks to go with it. Yum! --Tina

Unknown said...

Speaking of cheese...I have been reading some reviews lately for Dr. Cow's vegan cheeses. Check out their web page for the information. There's an email address there where you can request a quote on shipping to your area. I will be trying it sometime soon. Here's the link:

Andrea said...

Vegemommy: Thanks for the info about the vegan cheese. Let me know how you like it!