Monday, March 10, 2008

Simple Salmon

Fish may seem intimidating if you've never prepared it before, but it's actually quite easy. Here's a simple way to prepare salmon that is easily adjusted depending on how much you need to cook.

Simple Salmon

Fresh salmon fillets
Olive oil
Lemon juice

Blot salmon dry with paper towels. Coat baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and place salmon on sheet, skin side down. Drizzle olive oil over salmon fillets and use fingers to help spread the oil so it evenly coats the fish. Sprinkle fish with spices and lemon juice.

Place baking sheet in 425-degree oven. Depending on thickness of fish, it will take 10-15 minutes for fish to cook. Check after 10 minutes, just use a fork to peek between the flakes of the salmon. You want to pull the fish out while it's still slightly opaque; it will continue to cook once out of the oven.

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