Monday, March 3, 2008

No-Knead Wheat Bread

It can be a nightmare to find MSPI-friendly wheat bread. Sure, you can buy white bread, but where's the nutritional value in that? So, you either buy bread from a specialty bakery, which can be pretty expensive, or you can make it.

If you've never made bread before, kneading can be rather intimidating. Here's a recipe I found that doesn't require kneading, and it's yummy! It is VERY dense, but that's likely due to the fact it's made with whole wheat flour. You could probably lighten the texture by using half whole wheat flour with half all-purpose.

The recipe comes from a vegan website. Happy baking!

Quick Start with MSPI Mama: This is one of my Quick Start recipes


April said...

My 4 month old daughter has MSPI. Bread is one thing that I have really been missing on my diet. I just stumbled across your blog, thank you so much for posting this recipe!! I love how quick and easy this recipe is - and the bread was oh so yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the recipe? I don't see it. Thanks!

Andrea said...

Just click on the sentence that says: "The recipe comes from a vegan website."

Anonymous said...

I tried and it is blocked on my computer - it says it has been reported as an "attack page." So it must have some virus associated with it?

Andrea said...

Sorry about that! Here's a similar recipe from a different website: (Tip: nless you're vegan, you could use honey for the agave.)