Thursday, February 21, 2008

JD's symptoms

The first symptom I noticed that raised a red flag was when JD was around 2 weeks old. Everytime he pooped or passed gas was a nightmare! Major fussing, squirming and non-JD-like behavior. He had been such a happy boy up to this point. My good friend Tina's little girl is intolerant of milk proteins, so having been familiar with their situation, I decided to drop dairy products from my diet since JD is breastfed. That was Tuesday, Feb. 5th. By Wednesday, things had improved greatly! So I resolved to live a dairy-free life for the next year.

But within a few days, I noticed more episodes every once in a while. I was stumped. I wasn't eating dairy anymore, but I had been told by a nurse that it could take up to two weeks for the dairy to clear my system. So I hung in there for about a week and a half. By then, I started to suspect soy. I had replaced milk with soy milk in my diet and within six to eight hours of ingesting a large amount of soy milk, JD always had an episode. So I took all soy out of my diet.

By this time, JD was also suffering from acid reflux (a common side effect of MSPI) and was spitting up left and right, so a trip to the doctor was in order.

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Kim said...

I came here due to a link on a Xanga Friend's blog. She is dealing with MSPI.

I am not but I noticed you are from Omaha. I lived their my whole life until about a year ago. Talk about culture shock. Living in the city and now we are out in the country with only two houses in sight. Add cows and ducks to the scene and we have one crazy life.

Looking at a couple pages, it looks like you are doing good. I didn't know there could be so many recipes without milk and soy.

God bless,